A compact, easy-to-use remote alert system

Helpy Oops is the innovative GSM/GPRS/GPS remote alert device for the independence of elderly and disabled people and for the safety of children, pets, athletes and workers. Thanks to the possibility to insert a micro SIM, Helpy Oops combines the functionalities of a mobile phone to the best technologies on the market of remote alert systems


With Helpy Oops you can send distress calls simply by pressing a button. You can save up to 12 numbers in its phonebook; Helpy Oops calls them one by one until some one picks up the call, and will send an SMS with the exact location of the device.


Special motion sensors allow Helpy Oops to send automatic emergency calls if it detects an accidental fall. The person who receives the call will always know where you are, as the device automatically sends them your location via SMS.


Through the GPS signal, Helpy Oops can constantly locate the person in possession of the device and provide their exact geographical location at any time. It is also possible to set some geographical safety areas. If the end user is out of range, the device sends text messages or makes emergency calls.


Thanks to an integrated GPS receiver, you can locate Helpy Oops at any time. Just send your request via SMS to the device: Helpy Oops texts you a link to Google Maps. Using your smartphone, you will see the position detected by the GPS module and get driving directions to reach it.


Remote alert device or mobile phone? Both. With Helpy Oops you can receive and make hands-free calls automatically or by pressing a button.

funzioni telefono cellulare salvavita Helpy con localizzatore gps


Helpy Oops can be placed inside your car or hidden together with valuables: in case of theft, thanks to GPS, you will be able to locate the stolen items and activate silent listening of the surrounding environment (room monitoring).
It is also possible to configure Helpy Oops to activate a silent alarm that does not emit any type of signal (neither visual nor audible); in this way you can send silent alarm signals thanks to the mere push of a button!


It is possible to connect the Helpy Oops Device to call centres and monitoring operational centres; in this way specialist operators will be able to handle emergencies and to contact the appropriate emergency service.

funzione collegamento con call center e centrali operative di vigilanza - Helpy Oops


Helpy Oops can be programmed to send you a periodic SMS and a push notification to the app in order to inform you that the device is working properly, whether the battery is running low or that credit is insufficient.


It is possible to set Helpy Oops to send a notification and/or to call if the device stays still for a programmable period of time. In this case, a notification is sent and/or a call is made even when the system resumes movement. A function that to all effects configures Helpy Oops as a "man down" detection device especially in the case of lone workers.

Telesoccorso Helpy Oops - Funzione Assenza di movimento

And that is not all. Besides geolocation, Helpy Oops allows you to check via SMS the battery status and the residual credit in the SIM card, or receive automatic alerts when the battery is low or the credit is insufficient.

To find out all about Helpy Oops remote alert system watch the presentation video or visit the FAQ page.