Check out the Frequently Asked Questions about Helpy Oops!

What does Helpy Oops do?

Helpy Oops sends an SMS to one or more preset numbers. The device indicates the last position detected by the GPS module and makes a series of emergency calls, until some one picks up the call and help is provided. Check out all the Helpy Oops functions on the dedicated page!

How do you send a distress call with Helpy Oops?

apertura oopsHelpy Oops sends out an SOS (call + SMS message) by pressing the specific button or automatically, when danger arises or according to specific programming (i.e., as a result of a fall).

What is inside the Helpy Oops package?

apertura oopsBy purchasing Helpy Oops you will receive:

  • Your Helpy Oops device
  • A micro USB cable
  • A fixing clip
  • An adjustable strap
  • A USB charger
  • A silicone protection
  • A quick start guide

How do you open Helpy Oops?

apertura oopsTo open Helpy Oops, slide its clip from the top of the device along one of the lateral grooves, as shown in the animation.

What type of SIM card does Helpy Oops require?

apertura oopsIt is necessary to purchase a micro SIM GSM card (not only UMTS).
Make sure the network operator can provide good coverage. Choose a contract with voice, SMS and Internet services. If preset, remove the PIN code using a mobile phone compatible with the micro SIM, or ask a member of staff at the time of purchase.

How do you programme Helpy Oops?

You can programme your remote alert device through HELPY OOPS ASSISTANT software and via SMS.
Helpy Oops Assistant programming software is freely downloadable from Helpy Oops website and allows a fast and intuitive programming of your device. You will need a Windows-based PC.
Download the service manual to programme Helpy Oops with your computer!

How do you recharge Helpy Oops?

apertura oopsTo recharge Helpy Oops, use the USB charger provided. You can also recharge your device by connecting it through the cable to any USB adapter (for example, the battery charger of your smartphone) or to your PC via the USB port. The time required to fully recharge Helpy Oops is 3 hours, and the charge will last about one day (based on device usage).

Download Assistant software to program Helpy Oops with your computer!


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